RUN.EDGE Limited (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Atsushi Oguchi; hereinafter referred to as 'RUN.EDGE') has introduced PITCHBASE, a video analysis application for baseball teams, to Major League Baseball's (hereinafter referred to as 'MLB') Pittsburgh Pirates (based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania).

One of the oldest teams in professional baseball, the Pittsburgh Pirates are a professional baseball team in MLB's National League Central with a storied history, winning five World Series titles, nine National League pennants, nine National League East Division titles and three Wild Card Game appearances. The Pittsburgh Pirates represent the city of Pittsburgh and their team colors are black, gold and white, derived from the Pittsburgh symbol.

PITCHBASE now has 40% market share in MLB.

The Pittsburgh Pirates plan to use PITCHBASE as a video distribution platform for players and staff to analyze in-game and training video alongside their scouting reports.

A case study of PITCHBASE’s use within the Pittsburgh Pirates will be posted on the RUN.EDGE website in the future.

About RUN.EDGE (
RUN.EDGE is a video technology startup that spun off from Fujitsu Limited in 2018. With the mission of "updating social activities with 'scenes'", we will create new experiences and culture with video analysis technology. PITCHBASE, a video analysis application for baseball teams, enables scientific training based on video data by allowing players to instantly search for and playback the video they want to see and analyze it themselves to improve their form, etc. With an NPB market share of over 90% and MLB market share of 40%, PITCHBASE has achieved No. 1 market share in the baseball technology sphere.

 In 2020, RUN.EDGE began offering the field sports analysis application "FL-UX," and from 2021, it established bases in Europe and the United States, where it has been introduced in seven sports, including soccer and rugby, in eight countries.